Full Online Training Programs

Unlimited customized personalized online training only $149/mo!

Why Online Training?

If you are experienced to working out and not needing a trainer to help with movements, form, and motivation coaching, these programs may be for you. All the benefits of a professionally built workout routine at a fraction of the cost of working with a trainer. I have an extensive collection of fully-fleshed out programs designed for both men and women with all workouts pre-built and scheduled out. Simply let me know your experience level and goals, and have 24-7 access. Custom programs are available at no additional cost. Online training is month-to-month with no contract required, and I work with clients across the county. Weekly video calls will come with any purchase.

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All Programs Include

  • Professionally designed workout that you can do anywhere on your time

  • Online trainer support with weekly video call

  • No contract

  • Easy to use app to schedule and record workouts, video exercise instruction, measurements, nutrition, messaging, progress and more.

  • Initial assessment to discuss needs, goals and current fitness level

  • For a better look at features please click here.

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Please use the form below, email contact@WEvolvePersonalTraining.com or call Dan at 913-710-9401. Once a purchase is made access will be available through an email and the My PT Hub app available for both Android and Apple. Questionnaire form also available at bottom of the page.


Please contact Dan to inquire about any program details or to be sent the online link to purchase the program of your choice.

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