Features Overview

This is more than just a spreadsheet you print out and bring to the gym. This is a full-function, desktop and mobile application program with step-by-step instructions on how to get you from point A to B.

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Workout Schedule

Programs are detailed out with workout, rest, and maintenance days. This makes sure you are getting in the proper amount of work with the optimal period of recovery between sessions. You decide the start date for the program and the software takes care of everything else from there. If something comes up, the program can adjust with you.

No more excuses about scheduling to meet a trainer at a gym. You have the workout, you have the day, YOU decide the time that fits your schedule the best.

Pre-Written Daily Workouts

Every day, as you progress, your workouts will evolve to continue working towards your goals. Every day’s workout is pre-written as a part of the package so when you reach a workout day all you need to do is hit start and get to work! As you complete each set you will be able to log results as you go. If an exercise is too difficult from an injury or other reason, with the press of a button a list of replacement exercises can be brought up to substitute a movement in a routine.

There’s even a built in stopwatch for the proper rest between sets! Finally, all programs come with free online personal training, so you’ll have access to a NASM certified personal trainer should you have questions, need help adjusting a plan to fit your specific needs, or whatever else arises.

Mobile Version Shown

Mobile Version Shown

Mobile Version Shown

Mobile Version Shown

Video and Written Exercise Descriptions

If you aren’t sure exactly how to do an exercise, all movements have detailed video and written instructions on how to perform the exercise directly from the app. Just click the name of the exercise and the instructions automatically load. Never a need to ask someone for help or feeling embarrassed about doing something wrong. And as stated above, you still get free access to a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

All this and much, much more… just contact for a no-obligation discussion.