10 Minute Abs Anywhere (No Equipment Needed)

We’re all busy. It’s easy with our calendars to let our workout slide off the list. Instead of skipping the workout altogether, try this 10 minute, no equipment core workout that can be done anywhere (including the office!) Not everyone knows this, but most all movement in the body originates from the core, so having a strong center of the body will help in your everyday movements and keep back pain at bay.

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Foam Rolling 101

Many people are using foam rolling (or Self-Myofascial Release / SMR for you technical out there) but not everyone does it, and not all that do know how to do it properly. If properly done, foam rolling can be a very effective and important part to your workout.

Regardless of your fitness level, foam rolling has several key benefits and should be incorporated before and after every workout session. For foam rolling to do its purpose, generally only a few minutes are needed for each session.

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