Online Training Programs!!!

Over 36 Programs Currently Available!

If you are experienced to working out and not needing a trainer to help with movements, form, and motivation coaching, these programs may be for you. All the benefits of a professionally built workout routine at a fraction of the cost of working with a trainer. I have an extensive collection of fully-fleshed out programs designed for both men and women with all workouts pre-built and scheduled out. Simply find the program that meets your goal, purchase, and have 24-7 access to it with no expiration date. Once purchased it is yours to keep. Programs can range from 4 - 12 weeks in length with beginner, intermediate and advanced programs available. Take a look and please reach out with any specific questions should a program catch your interest to make sure expectations are met and arrange for set-up. Online coaching will come with any purchase and programs will generally range from $99-$299. See the Online Training Programs page for all programs or scroll below.

All Programs Include

  • Professionally designed workouts with up to 60 unique sessions over 12 weeks.

  • Online trainer support

  • One-time purchase. Program is yours to keep and doesn’t expire.

  • Easy to use app to schedule and record workouts, measurements, nutrition and more.

  • First access to future programs and discounted rates for repeat customers.

  • Looking for something not offered? Ask and I will do my best to create a custom program for a set fee.

12 Week / 60 Session Fully Scheduled Professional Programs

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Various Workout Programs Ranging from 4 to 12 Weeks for all Fitness Levels

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Please contact Dan to inquire about any program or to be sent the online link to purchase the program of your choice. Call 913-710-9401 or